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Main Cave Adventure

Feeling adventurous? This is the shortest tour but definitely not the easiest. Challenge yourself with squeezes, ladders and climbs to reach Canada’s only Cave Slide in this cool subterranean playground.               Cave Time ≈ 45min / Trail Time ≈ 15min
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Multi-Cave Experience

This thrilling trip highlights the powerful natural forces that carve these underground tunnels and crystal-filled caverns. Follow underground rivers, slide down the ramps and ladders and climb an underground waterfall on this fabulous adventure – a small taste of “wild” caving!      Cave Time ≈ 2hrs10min / Trail Time 50min
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Riverbend Cave Explorer

Our easiest and most popular tour leads you into Riverbend Cave without having to crawl or do any vertical climbing. See amazing crystal formations and ancient fossils while learning about the history of the cave's geology. Cave Time ≈ 1hr15min / Trail Time ≈ 45min  
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